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Introduction to The Math Clinic

The Math Clinic is a one on one tutoring and SAT math prep service that supports and encourages students from grade school through college in their study of math. Students receive tutoring help in subjects including prealgebra, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, and physics. Organization, good study skills, and refinement in step-by-step written work are continuously emphasized and encouraged. The Math Clinic tutoring service strives not only to remediate a student's math skills but to build the confidence, self-esteem, and the expectation to achieve success at higher levels of mathematics. Experiencing success in an academic math class can be a very important factor in developing a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-confidence that can be a springboard in their overall approach to learning other subjects and pursuits.

SAT Math 1-on-1 Lessons

The SAT Math 1-on-1 Lessons are a series of 12 lessons covering the four main concept areas of  the NEW SAT testing: 1) Math Fundamentals, 2) Algebra, 3) Geometry, 4) Advanced Algebra.  1-on-1 lessons allow instruction to be specifically tailored and paced to the needs of each individual student. Lessons are designed to be affordable, effective, convenient, personalized, and most of all engaging to the student.

The SAT Math 1-on-1 lessons are designed to prepare students to attack the math sections of the SAT with confidence and a distinct strategy.   The SAT Math 1-on-1 Lessons guides the student to review, expand, and utilize their understanding of high school level math.

Students are shown 4 main strategies for solving SAT problems.  Extensive practice sets leveled by difficulty are assigned as homework.  Within this practice regimen the student is encouraged to assess and apply one of the 4 strategies best suited for each problem. Once the students begins to see each problem in the context of these four strategies they are well on their way to a higher SAT score.  

Students can schedule all 12 lessons or just the lessons they feel are most needed to review and study for an upcoming test.  Lessons can be purchased in progressive discount packages of  6, 9, or 12 lessons.  Appointments can be scheduled throughout the week and weekends to accommodate a student's busy schedule.  Appointments can be scheduled and managed through a convenient online scheduling system.  

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Mark Deaton, the Teacher

Since founding The Math Clinic in 2005, Mark Deaton has conducted over 10,000 tutoring sessions! The success of The Math Clinic has as its foundation Mark Deaton's unique skill set for teaching and relating to young people.  He has over 18 years of classroom teaching experience, 30 years of private tutoring experience, 15 years of youth coaching experience, and a degree and work experience in the field of engineering.

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